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Tarla Tours is a Morocco travel agency that has accumulated several years of experience in organising Private Tours in Morocco. We offer luxury/standard tours but also tailor-made trips where the customer can design his/her dream travel experience according to his/her needs, desires and budget.

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Why choose Private Tours in Morocco?

Most of the visitors who experienced a private tour in Morocco would admit that they were awestruck by the splendor of this country. In fact, to dive into the mystical bits of Morocco; it is necessary to look beyond the very present, maybe even way behind it. As we leave home and take a step towards a journey of discovery, a journey towards the unknown, we expect, we cross fingers and wait for miracles in disguise.

Morocco; a melting pot of history and a very heavy and ancient cultural baggage, as in we couldn’t – not even in a million year – mention this beautiful piece of land without automatically thinking of its very diverse geography, old architecture and monuments.

To truly appreciate the beauty of Morocco, it’s essential to explore beyond the usual tourist spots and delve into the hidden gems of this country. Our private Morocco trips offer the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Private Morocco Tours in Morocco

Customize Your Itinerary to Suit Your Interests.

If Morocco is one of your dream destinations, choosing private Morocco tours is a must, as you wouldn’t have seen a thing if you’re to skip the most magical and beautiful part of the travel.
One of the main advantages of booking a private tour in Morocco is the ability to customize your itinerary to suit your interests. Whether you want to explore the bustling markets of Marrakech, hike in the Atlas Mountains or visit the ancient ruins of Volubilis, your private tour can be tailored to your preferences. Your guide will work with you to create an itinerary that includes the activities and sites that interest you most, ensuring an unforgettable experience in Morocco. Another benefit of booking a private tour in Morocco is the personalized attention you will receive from your local guide. Indeed, your guide will be able to provide you with first-hand information about the country and its culture, as well as tips on where to eat, shop and explore. They can also help you overcome the language barrier if necessary.

Tarla Tours … A travel agency dedicated to private Morocco tours.

Tarla Tours is your one-stop travel agency for custom-made tours that will help you explore the beauty and culture of Morocco. From adventure to cultural trips, we have a variety of tour packages that will let you experience this magical country in a unique way!
When you consider having a customized Morocco tour with Tarla Tours, we will create a trip plan to suit your needs and interests. Some of our guests enjoy more of a relaxed pace, while some may seek activities such as hiking and trekking. Other guests prefer to focus on Moroccan food available around the country, or learn more about the Berber culture and meet artisans and see amazing interior design inspirations. Whatever it is, we are here to listen to your needs, and make this happen for you.

Look no further! Contact Tarla Tours to start planning your adventures. We are here to create an unforgettable journey tailored to your specific dates, interests and expectations. We offer a fully customized service from the moment you land until take off for home, ensuring you have a bespoke experience. Let us work with you to make your tour dreams a reality!

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